PC gaming Vs Console gaming

PC Gaming VS Console Gaming- Let's Discuss!

How often do you catch yourself comparing, the gaming experiences offered by a console and a PC? If this happens a lot, maybe we could help you to finally reach a fair conclusion.


When we talk about gaming, PC gaming takes quite a beefy hardware to run today's latest games on maximum settings. Hence, PC gaming offers a wide range of variety to choose from, in terms of hardware. You can pick a processor of your choice, considering your budget and the kind of experience you seek. Buying a pc for high-end gaming would certainly cost a lot and would also involve future upgrades, although, it's performance totally justifies the ask. Moreover, a PC is capable of doing a lot more things than just gaming. 


Consoles, have undoubtedly brought the gaming industry into the mainstream. Being cheaper than a gaming PC, it wouldn’t even require an upgrade for at least 6-7 years. This makes it a good choice for gamers who just want games, but when you compare it's performance with a high-end gaming PC, you would know why that difference in pricing exists. The graphics and frame rates that you can experience on a PC cannot be matched by a console, yet. Although, the games we get for consoles are more expensive than PC games, the consoles do offer some great exclusives for us to play. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, as we all know, are the major players in the console gaming market today. Each of them have their own quirks and similarities. PlayStation has way better single player exclusive franchises, like Uncharted, Horizon, God of War, The Last of us, to name a few, while Xbox is backwards compatible, i.e, a newer Xbox would still support the games of it’s older generations. Well, this Xbox trait was purely exclusive, until just now. Sony recently launched the PlayStation 5, which is backwards compatible, but only with PlayStation 4. Though, something is better than nothing. Both of these platforms still share a lot of cross-platform games, that can be played on a PC as well. Nintendo, unlike them, has it's own games designed specifically for it's  hardware, to create a seamless gaming experience. 


Both consoles and PCs have their own utilities and it's your needs that should define your buy. If you're a casual gamer, and do not seek ultra graphics and lightning fast frame rates, and already have a good PC for all other work, you could easily choose a console of your taste. But, if you are looking for a top notch performer, and wouldn't mind spending on a gaming computer, nothing would work better for you, but a gaming PC.