About Us

While we could’ve written something extremely professional for “about us,” that would be a bit too conventional, right? While our business is well above any conventionalities, it is quite surprising even to narrate a journey which comprises a decade-long nostalgia and success. As a distributor of IT products, it might sound bizarre to know where MBT Traders stemmed from but our history still has little to zero relevance to our customers. Our innate prudence is what has made our business so thriving. MBT Traders have had been around in this infamous IT industry for years. MBT traders go against the conventional harnessing of business tactics, and our proficient team of sellers has the expertise to fathom the psyche of our customers which in turn helps us build a healthy relationship.

Our proficiency is quite evident from our accolades and set of achievements received, and we as a company provide a transparent structure of business while catering to our customer. Apart from the apparent technical jargon, one sees in the “about us” section; we would like to provide the visitors a chance to indulge themselves with our company and leave the rest to their better judgment